Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Duke Bakery

Shucks! After parking myself at one place for the last 2+ years, I keep discovering more and more great foodie treats when I'm about to leave :( The latest being Tamoya Udon (which I will blog about their awesome egg udon later) and Duke Bakery.

Duke bakery originates from Taiwan, and bakes Japanese-European style bread. Sounds like a mouthful, but don't worry yourself about it! The bread here is heavy and crusty, stuffed full with ingredients like dried fruits, nuts, cheese (I absolutely adore the cheese breads!) or chocolate. They add in fruit wine to enhance the taste, and the breads have this really sweet fruity smell. They're so hard core about the quality of bread, there's even a fixed bread schedule so you can get your bread fresh from the oven (you can check it out on their Facebook page).

I really like the cheese breads cos I can just grab 1-2 pieces on the way out of my house, no need to spread/add anything on top. I'd recommend that you go before 6pm on a weekday cos when I went there just after 6, there was hardly anything left :/ The price ranges from $4-$8, and the $8 breads are really chockfull with ingredients.

Duke Bakery
101 Thomson Road
#01-02/3 United Square, Singapore 307591
Tel 625229556252 2955

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yixiao said...

love their red bean bread!