Monday, May 18, 2009

Da Paolo La Terrazza

This post is nearly a month late! So I shall faster blog about it before I leave, since I'm pretty sure my photos will dissappear to the recesses of my computer and I'll never find it again. Mixed Grilled Vegetables ($20++)
An assortment of eggplant, zucchini, mushroom, tomatoes, green apple and cheese.
Look at the picture carefully - there's something that shouldn't be there. I've forgotten what kind of cheese it is, but then it went pretty well with the smokey taste of the grilled vegetables. Risotto Padovada ($30++)
It comes with morsels of duck braised with the risotto, and is topped with 2 pieces of foie gras.
I liked how the risotto was done - cooked but then not soggy. The sauce was very rich, meaty and creamy. As you can see, I have a piece of terribly charred foie gras - I think that they shouldn't have even served it, but when I showed it to the waiter, he was very apologetic, and immediately said that he'll get me a new piece. Perhaps it was because they had a power short-circuit not once, but three times the whole time we were there - so maybe my unfortunate foie gras was sitting in the pan happily roasting in the dark.
My whole family (except me ) eats and loves their beef.

The pasta of the day ($28++) which had crayfish (or was it lobster??), scallops and tomatoes, cooked in a white wine sauce. It was very tasty, and had the sweetness of the shellfishes. Also, there were many pieces of scallops and lobster/crayfish. The pasta was done al dente - delicious!
Tiramisu ($10++).
No Italian meal will be complete without Tiramisu. This tiramisu had a nice splash of alcohol, and the mascarpone cheese layer was cold, sweet and creamy. Also, it's a good sized portion for $10.
The Panna Cotta ($9++) came with a thick puddle of chocolate sauce on top and when I ate it, I though that it was orange chocolate cos there was a distinct sourish/citrus-y taste. Retrospectively, I think it's Valrhona Chocolate, cos it's pretty acidic and also has a sourish aftertaste. Well, I'm not sure what kind of chocolat it was, but my siblings were very happy that I wasn't eating my portion of the dessert since they could have more of it. I was slightly late for dinner, and found that my dad and my sister had ordered an $8++ of atas (mineral) water. The waiter had asked them if they wanted still or sparkling. Even though most
of the other tables had tap water. Can't stand restaurants who ask if you want still or sparkling!
And because it was Da Paolo, I was quite dissappointed to find that they had left the lable on my grilled apple, and to be served charred foie gras. Oh well, I think I had higher expectations cos it was Da Paolo.

Da Paolo La Terrazza
Blk 44 #01-56 Jalan Merah Saga
Holland Village
Singapore 278116
Tel 64761332

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