Saturday, May 9, 2009

Journey to the far East: Tampines 1 - Yamazaki Bakery

We were very hungry so the moment we got into Tampines 1, we headed to the basement to grab some food from Yamazaki Bakery. It's run by the same company as Sun Moulin Iseatan Orchard (I think), so there was some bread which had Sun Moulin packaging.
We tried the belgian waffles - Chocolate and Peanut ($1-something each). The waffles were too cakey for my liking, and I thought the chocolate coating was to stingy. Not that I like that kind of chocolate anyway. The peanut wasn't much better - just a sprinkling of peanuts on top of the waffle. They were pretty dry too.
I decided to try some of the bread - the cheese thing right infront is pretty nice - crusty bread with at least 2 different kinds of cheese. It's delicious if you microwave/toast it in the oven before eating.
Partially shown on the right is the cheese naan, which is skinny and too crispy to be a naan. I didn't particularly like it.
On the left is the ham and egg bun - the ham used is the super inferior but extremely tasty kind of ham, which has a nice pinkish hue to it. The egg is pretty dry.
Right at the back is the ham and cheese bun, which was okay.
Lots of bead - lucky the que wasn't so long when I went - I hate queueing up for things.

Yamazaki Bakery
Tampines 1

This concludes my trip to tampines1!
I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon.

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julie said...

I tried yamazaki in HK and i loved their walnut cheese loaf !