Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gunther's Lunch

Went to Gunther's for lunch with ice after procrastinating for an extremely long time. Looks like I'll be having lots of time on my hands, just as long as Singapore DORS orange. My brain is already happily soggy from the lack of use since Thursday. Gunther's tray of daily specials - from front: Dover sole (for 2 people), some exotic mushroom, sea urchin, lobster, white asparagus, and some clam.
Uni (sea urchin) - my fave type of sushi.
Bread - I was being greedy so I had 2.5pieces of this! Especially useful for mopping up those delicious sauces.
Amuse bouche - egg cocotte
Sour cream, chives and a hint of sweetness from
Cold angel hair pasta with chives, kombu, truffle jus and oscietra caviar
I really can't appreciate good caviar. The last time I had some expensive caviar, it was quite disasterous, and I ended up wasting the dish. The caviar just tasted slightly salty to me. But if you did a blinded test, I probably won't be able to tell the difference between the real thing and some cheap stuff.

The angel hair pasta itself was really delicious - it also comes with truffle juice! And the bits of konbu made it incredibly tasty. I feel like coming here just to eat the angel hair pasta, minus the caviar of course. I think I've finally found something comparable to Iggy's sakura ebi cappellini...
Roasted foie gras, crushed candied almonds, caramelized date, petit salad
I got an uber huge slab of goose foie gras - it was slightly firmer than duck foie gras, and not as oozey. Its the hugest piece of foie gras I've ever eaten. And every bite was delicious! Especially whtn paired with the caramalized date and the crunchy bits of candied almonds.
The liver edge looks exactly like how it looks like in patho pots! Smooth, yellowish, and with rounded buldging corners.
White asparagus gratiné, carpaccio of champignon de Paris, beef jus
Ok I hope I didn't eat any of the beef jus. I probably did tho. Argh!! It's white asparagus season (May-June) now, so it's a great time to eat all these delicacies. They're supposed to be less bitter and have a more delicate flavour. To grow white asparagus, the plant is deprived of light, so that it can't produce any chlorophyll.
Gunther's white asparagus was served with finely sliced button mushrooms and hollandaise sauce.
Brittany langoustine “Armoricaine”
Langoustine is also known as Norway Lobster, and is sometimes known as scampi. The pan roasted langoustine was extremely juicy, tender and flavourful. And the accompanying sauce was an emulsion bursting with seafood flavour. Needless to say, my bread came into good use for mopping up the plate.
Grilled rack of pork, apple compote, crispy potato
My main - you can't get swine flu from eating pork! The pork was juicy and succulent, rosy pink, and didn't have any porcine smells, with a rind of fat surrounding the tender meat. The potato thing is like a huge rectangular potato chip, sprinkled with some spice powder (I think it's curry powder?).
bar de ligne, steamed sea bass à la Provençal, savoy cabbage, rice pilaf
Seabass was extremely fresh - I think I will order fish the next time I come. The rice pilaf was extremely aromatic, and was exactly like how great chicken rice - just without any oiliness. Each grain was fluffy, soft and completely infused in the delicious scents and flavours.
Fine apple tart a la dragées, Havana rum raisin ice-cream
My apple tart - makes me think about my foie gras cos they are both coated in candied almonds. The apple tart was delicious - the pastry was crispy, thin and not flakey, filled with thinly sliced apples. The combination of buttery pastry, crunchy almonds, cooked apples was delightful, and I was quite sorry when I finished my tart. Rum and raisin ice cream goes really well with apple tart - next time if I have apple tart, I'm going to get rum and raisin ice cream to accompany it, instead of the usual vanilla.
Sabayon of Champagne, chocolate, blood orange, vanilla
I've never had this dessert before, but since it had orange, I just stole a bit from ice. Julie will probably love this dessert - alcohol with lots of chocolate. Go to ice's blog for a more detailed description.
My decadant lunch ended on a sweet note with petit fors, with Valrhona Manjari chocolate, financiers and chocolate cookies. As well as fresh peppermint tea. Simply delicious.

Eating the lunch felt like like my gs elects - Halfway through, it was like uh-oh it's so enjoyable but it's going to end! And after it ended, it left really good memories.

36 Purvis Street
#01-03 Talib Centre
Tel: 6338 8955
Mon-Sat: 12pm-3pm
Mon-Sun: 6.30pm-10.30pm


ice said...

Dearie, Espagnole or brown sauce is one of the "mother" sauces of French cooking and it contains beef stock. Most of the dishes contain that, your pork rack probably & my fish too.

The sabayon has more champagne than anything else. It's not citrusy at all, otherwise you can ask to replace the sweet oranges with berries. :)

Foodies Queen said... much does lunch costs?