Friday, May 8, 2009

Journey to the far East: Tampines1 - Luo Chun Ge

At these panfried Shanghainese paus from Luo Chun Ge - I ate them pretty early, around 5pm cos I was hungry and in want of a pre-dinner snack. After my dinner (at Manpuku), I saw an uber long queue when I walked past- I was feeling so pleased with myself since I beat the queue. And I wouldn't have bothered to queue up to try the panfried pau with such a long queue.

The paus are panfried with lots and lots of oil, and the bottom is crispy and brown. The pau skin is pretty good - fragrant, sweet and slightly chewy. There's lots and lots of juice inside - when I ate my first pau, it spurted so much juice (onto the floor, fortunately not onto my foot, since it was steaming hot). The pork meat inside is not as porky as ding tai fung's, but I'm not a big fan of pork meat found in paus/xiaolongpaus/dumplings/gyozas so I'm not going to comment on it.
There's even a sign showing the 'correct' way of eating these panfried paus! It's $3 for 2, and it's slightly cheaper if you buy more (can't remember the pricing).

Luo Chun Ge - found on the same level as frolick and the supermarket (I cant remember where, but it's either ground or basement)

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ice said...

I rather eat this. :)

Your udon looks very abysmally little.