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If you're wondering how come I have Big D's grill on my to blog list for such a long time, it's cos I sent my C902 hp for repair after dropping it, and I can't upload the photos from the m2 memory card onto my comp without my hp, since I don't have the adapter.

This is from 2 saturdays agi, when I went to 1Caramel cake overload outing as organized by harris:
The strawberry shortcake ($8.90++) is the best one I've had -considering I don't particularly like cakes which are full of whipped cream. The strawberry shortcake was layered with strawberry flavoured cream, which had the light fruity fragrance of strawberries. The pairing of the texture crumbled, sugared flaky puff pastry with the soft sponge cake gave a twist to the usual strawberry shortcake.
It's not a permanent fixture on their menu, but hopefully it will be in the future. The hazelnut pear tart ($6.90++) was lovely - moist tart base with grated pear chunks which gave the tart a natural fruity sweetness. I couldn't really taste the hazelnut though I suppose that the black specks in the tart filling are the ground hazelnuts?Although pink is my least favourite colour, I have a weakness for pink coloured foods especially if it combines lychee and rose. The Lychee Rose ($7.90++) cake is just like the ispahan macaroon, but in a cake form. The rose taste was very subtle, and the lychee bits were located within the layer of jelly. The cake was a bit wet, perhaps because we had the last slice of cake.
The peanut butter cheese tart ($6.90++) comes with a layer of hazelnut praline, which is lost on me since all I could taste was the overwhelming layer of peanut butter. I wasn't able to make out the cream cheese. The tart is really heavy, and I think that unless you're a hard core dessert person, you shouldn't attempt this tart on your own. Midori ($7.90++), which means green in Japanese, is a mix of green tea sponge cake, red beans and yuzu infused bavarios (cream thickened with gelatine). I don't like citrus fruits, but this cake was tolerable as the yuzu flavour was very mild. Chocolate Praline Cake ($7.90++)
1Caramel's signature cocoa cake was slightly disappointing. I thought that it wasn't as nice as I expected it to be, and I prefer Rive Gauche's. I did like the varying layers of chocolate mousse and hazelnut praline feuilletine, but it's not unique or extremely spectacular.One of the more interesting desserts of the day - Red Miso Souffle with Yuzu Ice Cream($12.90++).
The souffle was salty but didn't taste really like miso soup. It was very well done, with the top lightly crispy, and the souffle was wobbly and airy. I didn't try the yuzu ice cream, for obvious reasons.

The carrot cake with walnuts, topped with cream cheese frosting. I didn't really like the carrot cake, partly due to diminishing returns and also because I felt that it could do with a thicker layer of cream cheese frosting. Cedele's carrot cakes are my gold standard for carrot cakes. Their cream cheese frosting is so thick and luscious. The brownie almond cake ($4.50++) was value for money - a thick, generous slab of brownie, though it fell short in the flavour department. It was pretty dry and hard, and I probably won't order this again.
Once again, my favourite cake of the day - the Strawberry Shortcake. The service here was pretty good, and they serve iced water, which is a definite plus, especially for dessert restaurants. Their cooked food menu looks promising, I won't mind coming back to try their lunch sets.

Elaine - Divine Essentials
Kaelyn - My Food Sirens II
Harris - The Simplest Aphrodisiac
Fen & Yuan - Indulgence After Workout
Angeline & Janelle - Sistafood

6 Handy road
#01-01 The Luxe (Beside Cathay)

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