Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I've just completely messed up my diurnal rhythm by taking a 6hr nap and I've got to wake up uber early again tmr (and for the next 4 weeks). And I've just unhappily dropped my sony ericsson C902 and I'm going to be around $80 poorer. Anyway, I'm trying to clear my backlogged posts now!

Had Mykii for lunch sometime last month (or the month before). It occupies the place where Marmalade Pantry used to be in Holland V. We triedEveryday selection ($13.80++), which came with soup of the day, main course, drink and dessert. The mushroom soup which had lots of pureed mushrooms in it, but since I was having a blocked nose that day, I could hardly taste anything... It's pretty good according to my friend...
The Forest of Mushroom pasta, which came with a creamy base, sauteed enoki, shitake and button mushrooms. It was pretty average, and a bit too watery for my liking, though I did like the pretty generous amount of mushrooms they added to the pasta.
Chicken Tofu Burger with Romaine Lettuce
I misread the menu in my haste to order (rushing back to school for lecture), and thought it was a chicken tofu patty, but it's actually fried tofu sandwiched with grilled Cajun chicken breast. The portion is really tiny, and if you're hungry, you should really avoid this. The peanut oriental sauce was pretty salty, and it was quite interesting (but not particularly spectacular) to have over the romaine lettuce, though I won't be ordering this dish again. One of the highlights of my meal - the iced lemon tea, which was unsweetened. I really like this kind of iced tea, cos you can choose how much sugar syrup you want to add. Plus, it comes in a nice tall glass, so it means more drink for me.Dessert of the day was Profiteroles, which neither my lunch partner nor me liked cos they were pretty hard. Perhaps they would do well to just give ice cream.
Not bad for a $13.80++ lunch, but the portion of the chicken tofu burger was too small. The place is pretty quiet, but maybe it's cos we had lunch really late. Service was pretty good, but perhaps it's cos we were the only ones there? I won't be dying to go back, but the laksa leaf pesto pasta looks really tempting.
17d Lorong Liput Holland Village
Tel: +65 6468 2838

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