Friday, November 6, 2009

Pasta Brava

I'm still alive, even though I haven't updated in a while - I've been super busy and tired and all my blog posts are piling up sadly. I shall make this short and sweet cos I will have to wake up in 7 hrs time... Of course, coming to a place with the name Pasta Brava, we ended up trying 3 different kinds of pastas. The pastas here are all around $20, and the portion is just nice for a not very hungry person.

The pumpkin ravioli with capsicum and cream sauce (around $23?) was the dish I was looking forward to, but I thought that it tasted too sweetish for a main course. The golden pumpkin puree encased in a square of ravioli, covered with sweet capsicum sauce was not savoury enough for me, despite the sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.

The obligatory vongole with angel hair pasta.

The lamb cannelloni was my favourite pasta for the night, cos the lamb had the strong, meaty taste, and paired with thick and chunky tomato sauce. The delicious lamb sauce was enveloped by tubes of cannelloni, and topped with baked cheese. (I actually went to cold storage to buy minced lamb so that I could make some lamb pasta, but I haven't had the time or mood to cook anything...)Dessert - the Chocolate lava cake, which was pretty good - though for me, chocolate lava cakes can only attain a certain 'fixed' standard - haven't had a chocolate lava cake which completely blew me away... Some 3 layered ice cream thing, which wasn't very nice. I don't even know the name of this thing cos I forgot to take down the details from the menu :( But I think it's supposed to be liquor ice cream? Not too sure, but it really isn't very impressive.

Pasta Brava
11 Craig Road
Tel: 6227 7550
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Parking here's a pain - either parallel park along tanjong pagar road (highly unlikely that you'll get a carpark lot), park in the multi storey public carpark near the market (Yan Kit Road), or at Craig place building.
I shall now quickly go and sleep (on a Friday night! omg!) so that I'll be able to crawl to school on time tmr :/

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ice said...

Oh the pumpkin ravioli's my favorite pasta here. Try the panna cotta & tiramisu next time, pretty awesome.