Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coffee Bean Breakfast Promo at Ion Orchard

I took the mrt down to town one morning and took the wrong exit in Ion. Happened to walk past coffee bean and saw their 1-for-1 breakfast set promotion (on weekdays {I think} till 11am).Fortunately, my cg mate is as greedy as me, so we happily rushed back to ion once we were done at paragon.
I like Coffee Bean's breakfast, and I personally think it's more value for money tha Macdonald's. Better quality stuff for just about a dollar or two more. Plus, it tastes much better, and you'll get gourmet coffee to go along with it.
My breakfast set (I'm not sure what it's called but it's either break-o-day or big breakfast or something like that) which comes with 2 sausages, scrambled eggs sprinkled with herbs (could be creamier, but not bad), 2 deliciously toasted pieces of bread, and a refreshing salad with zesty dressing, romaine lettuce (no cheapo iceberg lettuce :D), cherry tomatoes, cranberies and sliced almonds. I really like Coffee Bean's Caesear salad, but this one was so nicely dressed. Coffee bean used to serve these sweetened stewed fruits (apricot, prune, pear and peach) as a side with their breakfast sets, but this salad is really much nicer cos it's fresh.
The Eggs Benedict, with hollandaise sauce which was curdled because it was over cooked. Tastewise, the sauce is creamy with a slight sourness, and the poached egg under the sauce was nice and runny.*overcooked, the yolk was like that of a hard boiled egg (got confused with another ramen post, and this wasn't my set :/) I think my breakfast set was nicer ;).
The breakfast sets come with either coffee or tea, and we picked the latter. I had Japanese Sakura tea (or something like that) which was pretty bitter (probably left the tea bag in for too long), and my friend had the pomegrate with blueberry, which smelt really sweet and nice.
Because of the 1for1 promotion, the breakfast cost each of us a mere $3.70 nett. Fantastic offer isn't it? :)
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Ion Orchard B-12


yixiaooo said...

i love their salmon scramble =)

m said...

I like their big breakfast (cos it's filling, esp on the days where i'm hungrier) or the eggs benedict, but it wasn't v gd here cos of the hollandaise sauce and egg. I find the salmon scramble too small portion wise :P

vivien said...

hi! any idea when the promotion u mentioned is until?