Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Daily Scoop Chip Bee

This is one of my very outdated posts - around christmas and it's been over for nearly a month already! But the avocado ice cream is a worthy mention so I shall just blog about this...Ice cream & Fish's scrawny arm
I've never tried The Daily Scoop till very recently, even though it's in rather close proximity to my house. My very blurry photo of my Udderly Avocado Ice cream with chocolate cone ($3.40)

The Avocado Ice cream tasted like how the avocado milkshake at Alexander village tastes like, with a hint of gula melaka (I think?). Though I don't think the ice cream is really creamy, the natural oiliness of the avocado made the ice cream taste really smooth and delicious. I found the waffle cone rather hard and not very fresh tasting as it was slightly soggy and lacked the delicious freshly made smell. Perhaps it had been sitting around a bit too long. Some Christmassey flavours to put you in a festive mood - Christmas Pudding, Bourbon Berry and Citrus&Spice. There's also Gingerbread ice cream, which has the warm and spicy gingery flavour. Christmas Pudding didn't quite agree with me, cos it has lots of bits inside, but I did like Salted Mr Brown (or is it mr caramel??) but decided I had ingested enough oils and fats for the day in the form of my Cheese Fondue and Raclette Cheese for lunch and didn't want to stress my gallbladder and pancreas anymore.
Waffle with Vanilla Bean ice cream
Love the waffles here cos it's freshly baked on their waffle iron, and has the nice gooey kueh-ish texture, rather than the overly cakey/fluffy kind that you get from gelare (and most other places). I suppose I have low-class taste for waffles - give me the bakery kind (especially the artificial 'pandan green' ones!) anytime!

The Daily Scoop
Blk 43 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-78 Chip Bee Gardens
Tel: +65 6475 3128


ice said...

I like Daily Scoop after Tom's.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I completely missed seeing the Christmas flavours! They sound rather good actually. And I love the avocado ice cream to - think of it as healthy fats, so it's healthy creaminess :D