Friday, December 18, 2009

La Fromagerie @ Chip Bee Gardens

Drats again. Was looking forward to brunch at Bunalun, after being totally demolished by the horrible OSSES, and where my computer terminal decided to "end slide show" after I clicked on the screen while I was at question 18 (with lots of blanks in the middle).
But when I called, the lady assured me that there was no need to book - and of course, that turned out to be a huge mistake because their tiny counter was full when we arrived just after noon. Fortunately, a quick thinking Pok suggesed La Fromagerie, saving us from a boring lunch.
Other than La Fondue, which I went to a nearly 2 years ago, I haven't had cheese fondue,Of course, we had to try their cheesey specialities such as the Cheese Foudue ($28 for 2 persons) which has a melted mixture of 3 grated cheeses (Emmental, Gruyere and Beaufort).
It comes with a mixture of bread cubes, and I spied some wholemeal looking cubes of bread with nuts in the basket.Super gooey cheese fondue, which was meant for 2 but was polished off in a jiffy (was busy snapping some shots, and before I knew it, the volume of cheese in the pot had dropped to half), partially because the alcohol evaporated? We had too much bread for the amount of cheese, but it didn't go to waste as we used the bread for our Cheese Raclette (see below).
The Chesse Raclette ($22 for 2 persons) was a pretty interesting dish. Its a huge plate of squares of Raclette cheese, with some pickles, preserved onions and fresh baby tomatoes, served with a dish of boiled baby potatoes.
First, you have to place your baby potatoes, into this little non-stick pan, cover it with raclette cheese, and then place it under this grill and wait for the cheese to melt and bubble. So you'll get delicious melted cheese, which is nice and toasty and right out of the grill on your table. Hard work but nevertheless, it's pretty fun melting your own cheese over the potatoes. We had too much cheese leftover, so we used the excess bread from the fondue for this.
The Traditional Onion Soup ($$12) with Gratinated toast of Gruyere.
I didn't try this cos I thought it would have beef stock, but according to the waitress, they use pure vegetable stock and onions for this.
The Mac and Cheese ($16) is fantastic. It's extremely cheesey and comes with a really intense cheddar cheese sauce. It's wise not to attempt this dish alone as it is very filling. I thought it would have been better if they had browned the top a bit more, so that it'll be crispier, but the sauce here is really good.
La Fromagerie also stocks lots and lots of cheese. They also have a takeaway $20 cheese platter, which I was eyeing, but couldn't get as I wasn't going home. The cheese that I was eyeing - Truffle Brie! Yums!
We did come out of the restaurant smelling of cheese and oil, but it was worth it as the lovely warm cheese was happily digesting in our tummies.
Prices are pretty reasonable, and they don't have service charge :) Plus, the huge amounts of cheese in most of their dishes make them very filling, so you definitely won't spend so much. And they serve iced water.
For people who dislike cheese (shouldn't even come here, cos the whole place smells of cheese) can their mains like Coq au Vin (braised chicken leg with red wine) or Navarin d'Agneau (braised lamb stew with baby potato).
La Fromagerie
43 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-64 Chip Bee Gardens
Tel: +65 6732 6269


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