Monday, December 28, 2009

Trattoria L’Ancora

Trattoria L’Ancora is a newly opened restaurant, located where the former Borgo used to be. I think it's by the same management that ran Borgo.
As recommended by the manager, we ordered the antipasta dish for sharing. It's $20 per person, for 2 people, and has a mixture of the different appetisers available. I really liked the parma ham and bruschetta, as well as the burffalo mozzarella. There's also some seared tuna crusted with black pepper, grilled vegetables and calamari, served with arabiatta sauce for dipping.
Parma ham with sweet rock melon <3>Since my friend didn't want to eat the Rabbit pasta (which I was hankering for), we ordered a portion of braised wild boar pasta, which they so kindly split into 2 portions cos we were sharing. The sauce had a light tomato flavour, as well as the strong meaty stew smell of wild boar. The wild boar wasn't as gamey as I expected, and didn't quite taste like pork either.
I really liked the noodles, which had a nice eggy taste, was al dente, chewy and went deliciously well with the robust and flavourful sauce.
(Come to think of it, I ate it at Borgo really long ago, though I can't really remember the taste).
They're currently having an opening promotion for ala carte lunch, and it's 30% off the food bill. We ended up paying $25 nett per person for the meal, which is pretty alright, though I don't think I'll want to pay the full price for this. It's a nice place to have a quiet lunch if you're in the area.
Trattoria L’Ancora
789 Bukit Timah Road
(At the junction of Sixth Avenue and the main road)
Tel : 6467 3778
Daily: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm


Emma said...

You're quick off the mark to check out this place! I think that stretch has bad fengshui, with so many changes of restaurants. Pity about Borgo... I liked the bistecca fiorentina for the carnivorous side of me.

m said...

hello emma! just found out that borgo has moved further down bukit timah rd, into some condo. it's near steven's road now.