Sunday, December 6, 2009

House - Skinny Pizza and Sweet Potato Fries

The last time I visited house, I had the rudest "welcome" (waiter wasn't sure if happy hour was still on - it was, until they took so dreadfully long to come with the drinks menu, the next waiter who came said 'too bad, it's already 9' and that happy hour was over D:<
A little hiccup (again!) about the service - we had 5 people for dinner, and the waiter insisted that it will look 'weird' if we added an extra chair to a table of four. ?!?!?!?!?!? Seriously! One more chair won't kill the layout of the WHOLE restaurant - especially since they only have tables with 2s and 4s, and a few benches. *End of gripe*
The lovely orange sweet potato fries ($7++), which came with a salty and sweet batter, topped with aromatic white sesame seeds. The fries were a bit too oily (perhaps they didn't let it drain?) but the sweet potato was tender without being mushy. We also had the white truffle oil fries ($9++), but it didn't look as monstrous as the heaping and impressive portion from PS cafe (though I have yet to try the latter's).
House's famous skinny pizzas - which are like chapatis with delicious toppings. My ultimate fave is still the Tuna Tataki ($24++) - meaty chunks of tuna marinated in a sweet and salty sauce, with sliced avocados, sweetened tomatoes, parmesan and heaped with arugula.
The Egg, Spinach, Cheese and Onion skinny pizza, which had thinly sliced raw onions, crumbled cheese (feta I think?).
The Squid Ink Skinny Pizza ($18++)- topped with the usual chewy edible sea critters - on a squid ink skinny pizza base. They're pretty generous on the toppings, with lots of squid, baby octopus and shrimp.
My Mango Marshmellow Melt ($9?), which came with a teeny weeney bit of pavalova and heaploads of whipped cream. The pavalova was deliciously crumbly, but the dessert could do with a much bigger portion of it. The cubed mango was syrupy sweet and slightly milky. I thought that it would have tasted much better with mango sorbet instead of the huge scoop of whipped cream. Though the marshmellows looked really nice and toasted, they weren't as perfectly done as Handburgers. They were only toasted on the topmost layer, and lacked that gooey stickiness of a real roasted marshmellow.
The Strawberry Shortcake ($9?), which is their no. 1 best seller - I was expecting lots more cream, but the only cream in sight was that in the shotglass. The cake was pretty heavy - and had the texture of scones. I did like the layers of strawberry jam (my favorite type of jam!) smeared in between the layers of cake.
Carrot Cake, which can't beat Cedele's, but nonetheless, was moist and packed with carrots, nuts and raisins. The icing was a bit wet, but the portion's pretty good, though not enough to justify the price.
We spent $26 each, for 5 people which is quite a bit, considering that we shared 3 mains, 2 different kinds of fries and 4 desserts.

8D Dempsey Road
#01-01 to 06 Tanglin Village (Dempsey Road)
Tel: +65 6475 7787

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