Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lychee Martini Log Roll from Pine Garden

Log cakes are glorified swiss rolls -my brother

I've never tried Pine Garden's famous lychee martini cakes before, but this year, I finally got to try it, in the festive log cake form.
The log cake is simply decorated, and the fresh cream layer has a light pinkish hue. The sponge cake as a light pink blush, and its light and fluffy. There's pieces of juicy, sweet lychee embedded in the thick center roll of cream. and a very mild hint of vodka (I think it's vodka).

Personally, I don't like Lychee Martini (too sweet!) and I don't like cream cakes, so this swiss roll isn't one of my particular faves, though I'm sure that other people who appreciate lychee martini and fresh cream would really enjoy this cake. It's not too sweet either, but the cream was too much for me.

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ice said...

The blackforest cake from Pine Garden is yummy!