Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Marmalade Pantry @ Ion

Marmalade Pantry has shifted from their very nice cosy spot in Palais Renaissance to the third floor in Ion Orchard. They've also revamped their menu, and they've struck my favourite lemon tart from it! It's one of the few lemon tarts I've eaten and really liked:( But I'm glad to know they're keeping their crabmeat linguine, which is one of my more favourite pasta dishes around.
Spicy Tomato & Pinto Bean with Jalapeno ($9++)
The soup had bits of deep fried wanton skin, as well as lots of beans.
I didn't particularly like this soup because it was very thin (think Chinese soup), and reminded me vaguely of a more watery version of suan la tang (sweet and sour soup).
Blue Swimmer Crab and Corn Chowder ($10++)
The chowder is really very chunky, with loads of grilled sweetcorn. It wasn't as creamy as I would have liked it, and the crab taste didn't really come through.
Bread Board ($6)
We wanted to have some bread to go with our soup, and ordered their Bread Board, since the new soups all do not come with a piece of bread (except the chestnut soup, if I am not mistaken).
For 4 pieces of bread, it's really miserable. I liked how they added cracked peppercorn into the olive oil to spice it up, but it's really pathetic, the 4 pieces of bread.
Really miss the old MP's soup which comes with a soft toasty piece of bread with cheese embedded in the middle.
Blueberry Ricotta Fritters ($12++) with cinnamon cream
Little balls of blueberry ricotta fritters dusted with icing sugar, served fresh out of the fryer - the blueberry embedded within each fritter is really hot, so do be careful when you're eating them.
Apricot and Blackberry Crumble with vanilla ice cream ($12++)
This dessert was overwhelmingly sweet - think syrup-ish blackberry with fresh caramelized apricots. The crumble itself was buttery and delicious, but the fruits below were way too sweet.
Sticky Date & Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice cream ($12++)
The only redeeming factor for coming to MP - the sticky date pudding is still as good as before. I had a few chunks of dates, and the cake smelt delicious. Though the ice cream has shrunk somewhat.
Monster chocolate milkshake, with a huge scoop of ice cream
I don't particularly like the new MP menu - the soups have all changed, and from what I've tasted, I don't quite fancy it. Furthermore, they're now located in a very open area (think no walls - at all), unlike when they were in Palais where there was much less human traffic.

Marmalade Pantry
#03-22 Ion Orchard


Anonymous said...

and their service standard has dropped.

i was thr on the 29th of dec with a friend at like 430pm..

guy refused to give us a table cos thr was a function at 6pm.

in the end after all that fuss, we finally got a table.. servers were sooo hard to get and my iced water never came (i ordered other drinks mind u)

thn at 545pm other ppl were shown tables..

amazing service huh

m said...

Hello anon, sorry to hear about ur bad dining experience. I have to agree that MP's standard has dropped drastically. They're quite slow and disorganized, and it has lost the nice realaxing and chichi feel that it had at Palais.