Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year 2013

Bunny being festive - he tried eating the fake peonies
Happy CNY everyone! I hope you all are having fun visiting all your relatives snacking on all the yummy goodies this year. My family is keeping up with their regular CNY tradition of globe trotting so I shall be hibernating at home this CNY and having some me time! :D  Just me and my bak kwa stash in my fridge^v^ And for the first time since I've started contributing to the work force - NO WORK on all 4 days! :O I dislike how all the CNY menus are so overpriced, and all the food prices are jacked up just for CNY. Urgh! I think I shall plan for a CNY holiday next year! 

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Bern said...

I'm hibernating at home this year too! and btw, your bunny rabbit is the cutest!! Happy CNY!