Tuesday, February 19, 2013

PappaRich - Star Vista

Papparich is a Malaysian casual restaurant which serves up affordable local dishes. It's similar to Old Town but has a more extensive menu.

I really loved the steamed bread with kaya - smells really fresh, is cottony soft and fluffy. Sadly the amount of kaya was really paltry, which was a pity since it tasted really good. They're more than generous with the butter - 2 huge slabs of butter, all the better to clog my coronary arteries...

I think the top dish was some prawn noodles - the soup has the nice umami flavour. The thin flat white noodles are very smooth and chewy.

The fried hor fun though not spectacular, was tasty in its own right. Although it didn't have the wok hei taste, it was still better than the regular food court (or Kopitiam). Overall, it's comfort food and prices are very affordable.

Sadly, my dining experience was marred by their terrible service. I ordered 2 cups of iced water (which I was told that I had to pay for) but it took forever to come. When I reminded the waiter, he said that there was a 'queue' for the water glasses and that I had to wait until the water glasses were ready! Completely ridiculous! And on top of that, I never got the water. According to the manager (spoke to him when I was paying up, because again, their service was as slow as a geriatric snail that I went to the counter to pay up). Credit to the manager - he gave us a small discount for the food. I would really want to give this place a better review since the food reminds me of Old Town (which I patronized alot when I'm at work) but the service is really shoddy.

According to the reviews on hungrygowhere, it's not the real Papparich but actually Pappamia? Anyway, I'm not an expert on all these Malaysian brands but whatever it is, the service is lousy (thanks to the new labor laws, they have problem getting staff...). I suppose I would go back for the food - but I'm quite sure that the service will be lousy again and spoil my day. Decisions, decisions... the dilemmas in my life...

1 Vista Exchange Green
#01-43 The Star Vista
Tel: 66843373


Anonymous said...

my motto is don't give business to bad service. There are too many places with good food in Singapore.

Daniel's Food Diary said...

This is PappaRich. The one at River Valley Road is PappaMia, which used to be known as PappaRich. I hope you are not confused. :)