Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chicken Bak Kwa Cookies

 CNY is coming real soon and the kind folks from Prima Deli have sent me some CNY goodies. On top of my usual CNY stash, I have PrimaDeli's Chicken Bak Kwa cookies and pineapple tarts.
I really liked the chicken bak kwa cookies - it's sweet yet savory - crumbly and I devoured nearly the whole top level of it for this review.  My favourite CNY snack is bak kwa! I know that bak kwa is available all year round but it's extra nice and I feel very festive eating it during CNY. (Exceptionally festive, since my family isn't terribly enthusiastic when it comes to CNY celebrations - they are all flying to different parts of the world while I stay in Singapore zzzz)
The cookies comes in 2 separate packs within the the metal tin - so that you wont have soggy cookies (thanks to our humidity). It brings eating bak kwa to a whole new level - since I can eat it in the comfort of my room while playing with my computer, and yet not have to worry about oily bak kwa fingers while I use the keyboard since it's just like a regular cookie, just that there's lots of tasty chicken bak kwa embedded in it. Even my calorie conscious sister has deemed them good enough to spend her daily calorie quota on.

The Chicken Bak Kwa cookies retail at all PrimaDeli outlets for $14.80 per tin till 9th Feb and you can get a 10% discount by buying 2 tins.

Speaking of which, this funny meme on 9gag Singapore is too good not to share!

Speaking of feeling festive - nows the time when I steer clear of anything and anywhere near Chinatown, don't cut hair (even though I need to I shall just wait until the CNY surcharge ends) and I shall hibernate at home during the CNY long weekend...

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yixiao said...

I'm planning to get back kwa after the CNY surcharge ceases :p