Sunday, January 27, 2013

La Ristrettos

Caffeine fix
La Ristrettos opens really early - 8am to be precise so you can get your high class caffeine fix here instead of the usual Starbucks. They use Caffe Agust beans (supposed to be some special beans, as you can tell by now I'm very uninitiated about coffee). Prices are about $5-6 ($5.50 for a caffe latte, $3 for an expresso). It's hidden inside Novena Medical Centre - at the place where Garden cafe (which was there eons ago) used to be. 
Molten chocolate, ham and cheese croissant 
They also serve an all day breakfast menu - though I wasn't particularly impressed by my ham and swiss cheese croissant which was over toasted and dry. The ciocolata calda ($5.50) is an extremely thick and goopy chocolate - a bit like drinking molten chocolate pudding. For the hard core chocolate fans - I think I prefer to stick to my normal hot chocolate.

It does have a really nice view of the bamboo garden and when I was there at about 5pm it was pretty much empty (perhaps cos it was closing time soon). I'll still be heading over to Kitchenette for food but according to my coffee drinking friends and colleagues, La Ristrettos coffee is really good

La Ristrettos
#08-37 Novena Medical Centre
(Take the lifts from near Quiznos/Old town to level 8)

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