Monday, January 7, 2013

Valentinos - Grandstand

So this is my first visit to Valentinos since they shifted from Rifle Range road to the Grandstand (aka the old turf city). If you're hoping to go on a shopping spree in the Grandstand, hold your horses cos they're still renovating +++ and the whole place smells of drying paint and cement. The few things alive there are some kiddy center, Giant, Omakase burger and Valentinos.
It's so much larger than it was - great for claustrophobic people like me - so that I can eat an extremely filling dinner and yet feel as if I have space to stretch out and accommodate my expanding waistline and not be wedged in a corner against the wall, sofa and table. (This sounds just like a growing plant in a small pot...)

Anyway, this was before Christmas (yes I'm a slow tortoise but I was really busy and tired the last 2 weeks) so I'm not sure if they have some of the things we had.
Obligatory shot of the bread basket - I love their green herb dip - I always eat 2 breads and request for more herb dip.
Mushroom soup (can't remember how this tasted, wasn't mine but I stole some)
Some seafood soup - didnt try this
My favouritest burrata in Singapore - I can't find a burrata tastier than Valentinos - perhaps I'm biased? but their tomatoes are so sweet they taste like grapes, and the burrata is so creamy and light.

There's another appetizer that my family is crazy over - the pork loin and tonnato. It's a silky smooth tuna puree, dotted with capers and layered over thinly sliced pork loin. It's salty, briney flavour goes well with the pork loin and the dish is literally wiped clean with the bread.
Freshly shaved truffles with scrambled eggs - I prefer Otto's version but this is really a mountain of truffles (but with a hefty price tag too!)
 The lobster linguine that's worth dying for ($42++) - pink sauce infused with the clean tasting crustacean, al dente linguine and lots of fresh lobster. Still my favourite dish from Valentinos.
The above 2 dishs are some beefy things which I didn't eat and I don't know what is is... I think it might be beef short ribs? The one below is more expensive and has foie gras (which I didn't eat cos it was on top of the beef hence it is contaminated with beef juices).
Roast rosemary pork with wholegrain mustard - not bad but pork isnt' my most favourite meat. Found it a bit hard and dry for my liking.
Truffle ice cream ($25++) - got this just for the sake of trying - it is much nicer than the truffle panna cotta (below) but I think Ottos Truffle Creme Brulee trumps all!
Looks like its high time to visit Otto for truffle menu again... I'm sure their truffle season menu is over :'(

200 Turf Club Road #01-19
Tel: 6462-0555

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