Friday, January 25, 2013


Awesome chillax bunch on a rainy weekend - I think it's even better for destressing than a massage ^v^ Though it's a pain driving through all those one way streets and hunting for a lot. Thankfully no CBD! It's going to be CNY soon and I'll be avoiding the Chinatown area like plague!

Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, toasted biroche ($16)
Stole some of Julie's breakfast - the scrambled eggs are pretty good - creamy, fluffy and well seasoned. Smoked salmon is always good. Brioche was nicely toasted.
Eggs benedict ($14)
I'm one of the worlds most boring person when it comes to breakfast sets - either eggs benedict or the usual all-in breakfast sets, depending on how many hours I have been awake for (exponential increase for every hour after the first 2 hours). 
That day was a eggs benedict day - as far as eggs ben go these were slightly above average, with the poached eggs a bit runnier, yolks golden and oozing with not a trace hard boiled yolk around the periphery. And with just enough hollandaise sauce to cover, but not drown the eggs. 
The base was crumpets instead of muffins - but not that I really noticed while scoffing down the whole thing.
I also added on a Kurobuta sausage ($4) - no photos cos it looks exactly like how a gourmet sausage does - plus it was sitting by its lonesome self on a plate. It wasn't as fatty as I expected, but rather very meaty and a bit on the firm side. 
French Toast ($10)
The French Toast a letdown after the 2 delicious dishes. Very normal white sliced bread with more butter than egg. I did like the side salad though - they made an effort to incorporate fruits with different colours and textures to make a simple yet interesting salad. Comes with maple syrup, butter and whipped cream. Then again, it's at a very affordable $10 so I guess I shouldn't diss it too much.

Overall it's a really nice place for a slow weekend breakfast though it's pretty far for me and carpark's a pain. I'll be back if I'm in the area. Plus it has a really relaxing vibe - and feels not as pretentious as Jones/Dean and Deluca/Culina.

The joys of instagram - not only do I save lots of time on shrinking my photos and editing the colour, it also downsizes my photos for me :D I've been a lazy bum - nearly all the photos on my blog now have been taken with my iphone + some tweaking. I'm looking at a new camera to replace my trusty old S95 - but the EOS M hasn't got very good reviews (need to use all my lenses which have been happily sitting in the dry cabinet). Guess I'll have to wait until a newer one comes out...

Something random - I'm really happy cos now my locker doesn't smell of 50 years of musty-ness cos I've bought a $2 bamboo charcoal desiccator from Daiso. My musty locker has been giving me alot of grief and despite swabbing every single surface possible it still smelt the same. I'm pleased as punch since I've had to put up with the musty smell for nearly 2 months already! :D

2 McCallum Street
Telephone 62212105

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thanks for the review! Been wanting to go there for the longest time but lazy to travel.