Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years!

Happy New Years everyone!

From top - stuffed eunuch chicken (no kidding, it's reared in Malaysia and bought from Cold Storage), Champagne with raspberry (can't remember the fancy name), amazing brownies, massive amounts of cheese fondue 

Hope everyone had a great new years eve countdown! I just spent my NYE sleeping on my bed.
I'm growing old - the thought of having to jostle with crowds, queue up in the humidity, and the traffic jams (shudder+++!!!) makes me retreat to my comfortable bed! 

Will blog about my stuffed chicken recipe soon (actually maybe just the stuffing since the roasted chicken recipe isn't very special) - I think I'm really getting old - my hobby is sleeping, when I think about planning a holiday with a proper sightseeing/touristy itinerary I feel tired and my ideal holiday is one where I can lie in the hotel room, not move and watch lots of movies from the comfort of my bed and order room service. Perhaps unless it's Japan? 

I think that perhaps I'm becoming stingier but going out to restaurants, having to book and then to trudge down and find parking is so troublesome. A few of us got together for a Christmas dinner (or two) and we had a potluck dinner party. 

Not to mention the $$$ saved! I think the fondue could have easily cost $50++ in a restaurant with much less ingredients. (Lol just like steamboat, which is my pet peeve - notice how there aren't any steamboat posts on my blog!)

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Bern said...

Happy new year to u! a quiet intimate nye surrounded by loved ones is da best!