Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Menya Musashi - The Star VIsta

Short post on Menya Musashi - from Japan, and specializing in 3 different broths - white, black and miso based. I had to try the black cos it looked interesting - other than the black colour, it wasn't very impressive - noodles were ok, broth was not too salty (was expecting saltier broth cos it hails from Japan) but not anything to rave about.

They specialize in the tsukemen - where the ramen noodles and broth are serve separate - but I didn't choose that because the soup was more salty and concentrated - and I think that most of the Japanese ramen stores have rather salty broth already.

I felt that Nansuttei's was much much better - especially if you're looking for a black garlicky ramen. Looks like its time for a repeat visit to Nansuttei!
Nice print at the side of the bowl - reminds me of Ruroni Kenshin (sadly, I've missed the movie)/ Samurai Champloo drawings...

Looks like the Ramen market in Singapore is getting pretty saturated - but sad to say that my favourite ramen store has closed down :'( I'm still looking for my next favourite ramen...

1 Vista Green Exchange
#B1-08 The Star Vista

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