Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crust - Australian pizzas

Crust is this Australian pizza joint in Holland Village which I've been wanting to try for quite some time - their website is pretty impressive - see here.  The last time I wanted to order delivery from Crust, there was a massive downpour and hence their delivery riders weren't allowed to ride out - great for the employees and for minimizing the number of motorcycle accidents.

Tried their award winning Moroccan lamb pizza ($23) which was not bad - if you like lamb in all its lamb smell and taste (which I do!) and it's refreshing cos there's mint yogurt, baby spinach - just that there wasn't enough cheese. The crust didn't disappoint - thick enough so that you actually feel satisfied after the meal (not like the chapati thin kind from skinny pizza).

The seafood pizza wasn't anything to shout about - won't be ordering this again next time cos it's very ordinary.

I found that their pizzas were rather dry - probably because of the minimal cheese toppings. We were asked for feedback on the food - and apparently having less cheese seems to be in fashion down under.

34B Lorong Mambong (near everything with fries/walawala)
Singapore 277691

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