Monday, February 11, 2013

Nam Nam

Managed to get a seat inside Nam Nam on my 2nd try at the Raffles City branch. The first time I was there the queue was ridiculously long and snaking.

Their noodles are pretty good - I had the dried lemongrass pork noodles ($7.90) which was packed with fresh herbs, shredded carrots and radish. The pork was well marinated with a sweet, smokey sauce and there were lots of crushed peanuts.

The wagyu beef noodles ($16.90) was slightly fatty and oily but of course, for my fear of prions, I dind't try it.

The banh mi (cold cuts, charsiew and pork pate - $5.90)) on the other hand didn't fare too well - they stuffed jalapenos inside and I felt that the fillings were a bit sparse. I had the I think Saigon Baguette does a better job of the Banh Mi.

After securing a table, you'll have to write out your order on a notepad and then go to the counter and pay for your food, which will be served to you later.  Other than there being a perpetual long queue (unless you go during the unpopular hours), the tables being wedge so close to each other that you'll be smelling the food and hearing every single word from the conversation next door, and no space for shopping (fml had 2 large bags that day),I'll be back for the pork noodles but not the banh mi. And perhaps I'll eat before shopping next time...

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