Saturday, October 4, 2014


I've been to 1925 twice and the food has been consistently good. 
 Grilled prawns - really fresh and tasty
 The beef paddle
 Pork belly - not really my favourite cos I don' t particularly like pork belly
 The potato skins and fried chicken skin platter aka the skins platter.
The potato skins are pretty good - deep fried to a crisp, filled with that familiar childhood nacho cheese, sour cream and bacon bits. I really didn't like the chicken skin (or any other kind of skin) but it was a hot favourite at my table - all polished off in a jiffy.
 I really liked the chicken kebab the last time I came - it's extremely succulent, well marinated and has a nice smoky smell. However, no one else on my table seems to like it as much as me, which isn't a big issue since I get to eat most of it.
I didn't particularly like the pizza cos the crust was a bit too thin and kept breaking on me, making the whole affair really messy, but I like how they used salami instead of the usual ham.

The best thing about 1925 is their 1for1 martinis (I think it's on Wednesdays) - they used to have this Airmail cocktail which is made from Plantation rum, lemon and agave nectar for the World Cup season, and they were kind enough to indulge us and make it again. It's really delicious and I really think they should have it as their signature drink!

1925 is known for their home-brewed beers, but since none of us really like beers, we just drank cocktails.

1925 Microbrewery
369 Jalan Besar
Tel 62949215
(Directly opposite the main entrance of Lavander Hawker centre)

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