Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Journey to the Far East Part 1 - The Nasi Lemaks at Changi Village Food Centre

I was supposed to go to Batam (to laze around and relax) with 2 of my friends, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, couldn't. Since we were all sort of free, we decided to go for a staycation instead. 

Of course, the most important thing that the staycation revolved around was none other than food! And of course lots of relaxation (i.e. vegetating on the bed and sleeping early, since I'm secretly 80 years old). I think I ate a whole weeks worth of calories during this staycation. And have yet to burn them off cos I have been happily feasting the last 2 weeks...
International Nasi Lemak

So we decided to do a taste test (non-blinded unlike my fudge cake taste test here), we tried International and Mizzys standard nasi lemak, with an added otah. 

I personally preferred the International nasi lemak because their rice wasn't as oily and yet had lots of the coconut taste. I felt that Mizzys rice was as oily as the kind found in chicken rice, which, unfortunately, is my least favourite hawker dish (and yes I am Singaporean, just that I some how do not like chicken rice. My heart sinks to the deepest darkest pit when I have to eat it).

One of my friends preferred Mizzys corner because of the rice and the chilli. I suppose my friend really likes chicken rice (Note: I have yet to confirm this assumption).

The chilli from Mizzys was less sweet, and more fragrant compared to International. But I don't eat my nasi lemak with much chilli (due to my astoundingly low chilli tolerance) so I still preferred International.
Mizzy's Nasi Lemak
I found the ikan billis and fried egg very similar for both stores. The chicken wing was marginally better for International (to me at least), as I felt that the batter had more seasoning.

Anyway, to end off my post (since I'm really sleepy it's nearly my bedtime) I still think International is better, but since I hate queueing up, I will just go for whichever has the shorter queue and not waste my life queueing up. (The last time I came here was in 2007 - check out my post from then with my old non-smart phone camera)

The nasi lemaks can be found at Changi Village Food Centre

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