Sunday, December 21, 2014


So after India, I was totally craving for Japanese food. I really didn't care if it was sashimi, tonkatsu or ramen - just as long as it was Japanese. (Yes this post is outdated - had it around mid-November but too much inertia to blog)

We ended up at Star Vista's newly open tonkatsu speciality place - Imakatsu. 

We had to try the Piyo piyo minced meat cutlet, just because the egg looked so oozingly nice in the photos, but I really didn't like it - I didn't like the smell of the marinated minced meat cos the taste reminded me of the kind of meat you find in those frozen gyozas. I'm not saying that it was frozen, but it really looked better than it tastes, and for $18 I would really much rather spend the same amount of money on a proper pork loin.
 Since we were sharing, and ordered the PiyoPiyo minced meat cutlet (as an al carte dish), we decided to go for the big pork loin ($27++) to share. It's a really massive slab of pork loin.
Check out the above photo - the hand is on the same level as the pork cutlet - no forced perspectives used here. I think it can be easily shared between 3 not so hungry people, or 2 hungry people (or in my case, 2 people with normal appetites). I don't think you should attempt to eat the whole thing by yourself cos you will most definitely get gout and high LDL. 
 The pork cutlet - meeting expectations - juicy, well breaded, and not oily tasting. Since we shared a set, we didn't get free flow of rice, but they gave us free flow of shredded cabbage.

I was quite annoyed that I had to pay for the drinks (fine I was pretty thirsty that day) so I paid $3.80 for my iced tea, and was told much later that there was no topup! There's only topup for the hot green tea. I initially asked if the tea was free flow and the server said yes. The server then asked if I wanted hot or cold (hence I assumed it was free flow for both). Obviously I said cold cos I usually get cold tea with my hot food. And to my horror, after paying $3.80 (before taxes) for my tea, I was told that there was no refill when I asked for one! The cold green tea doesn't even come from a bottle or can -_-

Would I go back again?

Well, considering that Star Vista is in close proximity to my house, and that the carpark there is one of the least painless (since there isn't much shopping to be done in Star Vista Mall), I probably would. But paying for my tea, and $3 something per cup is a major turn off for me.

I think I'll go back to Ma Maison Tonkatsu (my current gold standard for pork chop) to settle my pork cravings (considering the free flow of drinks, plus the carpark is half decent if you don't go during peak hours), and for a greater variety of pork chops.

The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617
Phone 6694 3111

After the oily cholesterol laden meal, we decided to wash it down with some awfully good chocolate, chocolate cake (super stacked 7 layered chocolate cake, no less) and the hei ice cream.
I'm now sadly hooked to the awfully chocolate milk - it's really thick and awesome, though paying $8 bucks for it means I'll only get it for special occasions. I suppose it's a blessing in disguise or not I'll buy a whole load of it.

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