Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Saury at Itacho Sushi

 Itacho is having  a Saury promotion - the Saury (also known as sanma) which I haven't particularly paid any attention to till the promotion.

The roasted one wasn't incredibly tasty and I wasn't particularly impressed by it. It goes very well with the shredded daiokon, but I found it really cumbersome to eat cos of the many small bones.
However, the roasted saury is in a class of its own - I've been back twice just to eat it. It's fattier than the aji (mackerel) even though it looks quite similar at first glance. I love the charred taste from the roasting and the sashimi slices are nice and thick.
 The offer is really spectacular - I would totally go back just to eat the roll (roasted saucy with shredded cucumbers) or the sushi (on plain rice). It's garnished with a little blob of ginger, not that it's particularly fishy (I have great faith in Itacho Sushi's standards).
 Another of my favourite - the anago ($6) which was so super long that it was flopping over the side of the plate.

Itacho Sushi
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