Friday, December 12, 2014

Mc Paneer Royale

 When I went to Sikkim, we had to stay in Kolkata for a night (when we arrived) and half a day when we were going home. We had about half a day to explore Kolkata but in view of time constraints and the bad traffic, our tour agency recommended us to stay in a hotel near the airport. There was a shopping mall next door, so being Singaporean, we spent the day shopping and eating.
 Although I'm not a big fan of McDonalds in Singapore, I do quite like trying it overseas - especially since each country has a different menu. There's no beef on the menu in India - so it's mainly chicken, fish and vegetarian choices available. I was told that I can't take photo of the menu - don't know why but when they saw me snapping a photo they told me no photo? I have no idea what kinda secret they're trying to keep? The prices are really affordable - it's roughly 50 rupees to SGD $1 (slightly more but it's much easier to count this way) so the meals were all around $3. Very affordable. But I think their regular street food is much cheaper than McDonalds.
As you can tell from the title, my favourite burger was the McPaneer - in fact, it was so delicious we nearly went back for seconds (but didn't cos we had awesome continental dinner at our hotel). I quite like paneer despite it being oily and fatty, cos it's very very tasty! In fact, during most of the time on my trip, it was one of the few curried things that I quite liked.
 Looks like a mess here but trust me, it tastes much better than it looks!There are 2 paneer patties in it. And the cheese and onion sauce tasted more like mayo than anything else. Totally worth a try. The meal was 193 rupees which makes it about SGD $4.
 The Chicken Maharaja Mac - which is the equivalent of the Big Mac in Singapore. Since I haven't eaten it for the past 14 years, I can't quite comment on the taste of the Big Mac. But the Chicken Maharaja Mac is really quite an acquired taste.
 One will notice that the chicken patties used here are extremely orange (Christine pointed this out the minute we opened the box). Actually, the orange is the same shade as the tandoori chicken orange, and if you close your eyes, you can sort of imagine that you are eating a tandoori chicken. Sort of cos the texture is a bit too soggy and wet. The sauce was also orange. The cheese tastes the same as the regular cheese.
 Remember the time when McDonalds offered the McAloo - a potato based burger? I didn't try it cos it didn't look particularly appetising, and carbs on carbs in a burger didn't particularly appeal to me. However, my other friends want to try the McVeggie burger.
Potato patties within a burger bun still doesn't appeal to me. Quite unmemorable actually.

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