Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cafe Epicurious

I've been wanting to try the Green Eggs at Epicurious for the longest time, but never made it down because it was either very crowded or I didn't have time. So I finally got down to trying it last weekend at Epicurious Cafe at Rail Mall.It was rather dissappointing for something that I had been looking forward to for such a long time - not so sure if it's because it was very simple - I think I could have made it easily at home by dropping a teaspoon full of pesto into my egg batter before frying it. I did like the parma ham tho. The bread was too crispy and tough for my liking. Red skinned potatoes were not bad especially with the generous sprinkling of black pepper. I had the baked eggs with bacon and cheese - somehow one yolk came out fully cooked (just like a hard boiled egg) and the other was runny all the way (including the whites!) so I ended up mixing everything (after throwing out the cooked yolk) and since the ramekin was so hot from the oven, I ended up with a scrambled egg mess.
Their laksa leaf pesto linguini is really nothing to shout about, and it's a far cry from the delicious laksa leaf linguini that I remember from the now defunct Persimmon (which was also opened by the same group). The pesto is very watery, with a mild laksa leaf taste (I really like how laksa leaves smell) and wasn't very tasty. Perhaps I had really high standars, but I definitely won't be getting this dish again.
Just another note - there's a rather newly opened cedele at Rail mall now! But they didn't have my fave maple walnut blueberry cake the day I went. Though their special pandan gula melaka cake sounds really interesting (especially after Tan Hsueh Yun wrote about it in the recent posh nosh section of Urban!). The cream cheese with gula melaka sounds like something worth dying for! And I really like pandan chiffon cakes! Sigh it's 1155pm now and I'm salivating... Maybe I should get a slice for myself after work tmr! Ok I think I'm getting very excited at the thought of sinking my teeth into the newest cedele cake but I better sleep soon cos I've got to be up superrrrr early!
Cafe Epicurious
392 Upper Bukit Timah Road
The Rail Mall
Tel: +65 6894 5926

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