Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eighteen chefs

I've finally gotten myself an iPhone thanks to my mum who so patiently queued up at comm centre last sunday cos I couldn't go down at all as I'm working every single day this month with no chance of a break. Super exciting I will try rly hard to Blog more since I can do it on the go anywhere. Hope it was worth spending usd$2.99 on blogpress.
Anw we managed to get lunch at 3pm today by rushing out to eastpoint. Had eighteen chefs cheese baked rice with chicken sausage ($6.50) and added on chicken strips (+$2) and had the red and white sauce. Lots of gooey cheese. I came back around a year back when the food wasn't as good but didn't blog abt it. But I'm rly glad to say that the food std is back up and met my expectations.
Set meal E has a nice and strong homemade (but a bit too sweet for my liking) ice lemon tea, soup of the day which was a tasty corn chowder, garlic bread and choc ice cream for a total of $4.80. It's net price for everything and the food is value for money.

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