Friday, September 3, 2010

En route to MBS - Nantsuttei Ramen

I haven't been to Millenia Walk for super very many years cos there really isn't very much to do unless you're on a furniture buying spree or something... So after spending quite a bit of time getting waylaid by the many shops having sales at Marina Square, we finally made our way to Nansuttei, just as the lunch time office crowd started streaming in. I couldn't decide between Nantsuttei or Keisuke at first (and spent quite some time agonizing over this decision), but the busy lunch crowd at Nantsuttei (we actually queued for about 15min), compared to the very empty Keisuke was the deciding factor.
Not that Keisuke isn't good (can't say cos I've never tried it), just that I'd rather try something everyone else is raving about or queueing up for (typical S'porean mentality:p).
Nantsuttei's selling point is their special black coloured garlic oil, which is made by frying garlic until it turns into a potent, black coloured carcinogenic oil.
The pork bone soup is boiled for many hours, and is a nice creamy emulsion, though, like most Japanese ramen broth which haven't been tweaked for the local palate, it's too salty for my liking. I ordered their full house ramen (no such name but I don't know what it's called cos it's quite a long name), but it has everything including charsiew, seaweed, bean sprouts and leek. The freshly shredded leek partially countered the saltiness and richness of the broth.
I added on an egg to my ramen, but it was not like the nice wobbly half boiled yolks that like - it was overcooked with crumbly yolk. Skip the egg - it's not worth the extra $1 (or is it $1.50?)
The charsiew is not bad, but I don't like the fats (though many others may disagree). Another of their more popular ramen is their Dragon ramen, which is served with a scoop of spicy minced meat. It's a bit too spicy for me since my chilli tolerance is pathetic, so I'm quite glad I didn't get it.
Nantsuttei uses the hakata style ramen, which is straight noodles served in a creamy pork bone broth. I personally like the yellow kind the best, but I eat ramen for the broth and I'd choose tonkotsu (pork bone) broth anytime cos it's richer and more tasty.
Another thing Nantsuttei has is free freshly squeezed garlic juice - being the kaypoh person that I am, I requested for some garlic juice, thinking that they'll provide a bowl of already squeezed garlic juice - but they gave us some garlic cloves and an interesting contraption, which then squeezes all the juice and pulverizes the garlic.The garlic juice you get is extremely fresh as you can squeeze it straight into your soup. Their soup is already garlicky because of their special garlic oil, but for extreme garlic lovers, you can always request for fresh garlic juice.
Overall, it's not bad, and ranks higher than some other ramen I've tried, but it won't be overtaking my favourites, which are still Noodle House Ken and Santouka as well as Tampopo. I won't mind coming back again provided that I don't have to queue for >15min, but I'd definitely not travel all the way to Parco at Millenia walk just for the ramen.
Btw, if anyone goes there, I find it very amusing to watch the waitstaff at Nantsuttei cos they all have white towels tied around their heads and around their necks (stuffed into their tshirts).

Nantsuttei Ramen
No.P3-06, #03-02 Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596
Tel: +65 6337 7166
Some random things
1. I am enjoying myself 10000x more since changing postings even though I have to travel super far
2. I still haven't watched Inception (I think it's closed already) :/
3. I'm quite annoyed that the Stig's identity is revealed
4. I can't wait for the 15th to come cos I'm broke now :(

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Cavalock said...

oh i didn't notice the garlic juice when i was there. Will try it the next time. yah, i like GARLIC!!!