Saturday, September 11, 2010

Itacho Sushi at Ion

Itacho Sushi has pretty good sushi if you don't mind the queue during peak hours. I went to Itacho 2x previously, but since I had quite a nice dinner there today, I've dug out my old photos for a pictorial post (also a pictorial post cos I'm sleepy and I have to wake up super early tmr for work...)Our massive amount of Salmon in soy sauce - the picture didn't look too appetising, but at 40cents a piece, I decided to get myself 2 to try and got another 2 more after that. It's a rather thin piece of salmon which is grilled, but it's pretty fatty and the oils drip onto the rice - I also like the charred taste that the flame gives the salmon. It was all sold out the 2 previous times I went. It's limited to 6 pieces per person so if it's available, it's highly recommended :DPork wafu salad ($4.50) is suprisingly good, pork isn't too fatty and the wafu dressing is nice and light, and there's an additional blob of salad dressing in case you get bored with the salty wafu sauce. Pork is tender and juicy, though it's quite fatty. At $4.50, I'm definitely not complaining.Another nice sushi I would like to recommend is the Hirame fin (dorsal fin of a flatfish like flounder). I really like this though it's rather ex at about $2.50 (if I am not wrong about the pricing) and it's flame grilled (aburi). I rather regret that I didn't order this for dinner tonight! One of the set lunch specials I had quite a while ago - it's about $12.50++ for the whole bowl. I think Itacho's scallops are really nice - fresh, plump, juicy and sweet.
Crab leg sushi
Cha soba - not so fantastic can't really taste the green tea
A super fresh prawn (can't remember which one this is ) but it's so fresh it gave me an allergy reaction.
Tempura udon - not as nice as the sushi. I think Itacho's strong point is it's sushi and not really the cooked stuff.
Homemade cold tofu ($5) - not bad but I didn't think it was worth the 5 bucks
Mini Unagi Don - I think the unagi sushi is more worth the money if you want to eat eel.
It's a nice alternative to Sushi Tei (which is getting more expensive and portions are getting smaller) but the queues outside are a major deterrent for me - I think I'm too lazy to queue so I'll just patronise it during odd hours...

Itacho Sushi
2 Orchard Turn
#B2-18 ION Orchard
Tel: +65 6509 8911

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julie said...

itacho sushi in hong kong is fabulous !! one of the best conveyor belt (not available here!) sushi here. gosh i feel like post call tho im working right after a late night lol