Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sakae teppanyaki

Had an unexpectedly good lunch at this teppanyaki place run by the same group as sakae sushi. Pretty amazing since I have a not so good opinion of the food from that particular chain. The teppanyaki lunch sets are very affordable and start from $10++.

Got myself the venison lunch set which came with squid and a reasonable portion of venison drenched in the pepperish brown sauce for $11.90++. It's not the best cut or extremely tender but for 11.90++ I'm not complaining.

It came with a salad with crabstick for starters, miso soup, vegetables and rice.

There's an option to upgrade normal rice to garlic fried rice which I would strongly recommend as its very tasty ( and I really like watching the chef fry the rice). It even comes with a sprinkling of Sakura ebi.

Lunch ended on a sweet note with a piece of brown sugar peanut mochi. In conclusion, I'd definitely come back for the teppanyaki but never before I fly off cos I don't wan to be reeking from the smell of teppanyaki;).

Sakae teppanyaki
Changi airport terminal 3
Tel 62426378
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Location:Changi, Japanese, affordable

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