Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kaiho Sushi

Kaiho sushi has lots of good reviews online, but I found the food very average and pricey when we went there. It's located in the very sleepy Cuppage Plaza, and is a very dim, small restaurant.

Read numerous reviews that their aburi rolls were good, so we had a sampling of the more popular ones. 
A variety of califonia aburi roll, tuna, soft shell crab etc. It's not bad, but for the price (about $12++ per roll) I'd rather go to the Sushi Bar (my new fave mid range Japanese restaurant, I've forsaken Itacho already... and I haven't back to Ryoshi Sushi cos it's so darn far away).
More rolls - we tried quite 4 variations, all doused in lots of mayo, cheese +/- roe. They're good, but not mind blowing or the kind that would make you feel like coming back for your next meal. 
 Sashimi platter - no doubt it was fresh but for the price and portion, you can do much better elsewhere.
 Aburi salmon - not bad tastewise cos it was fatty salmon with all the delicious oils melting into the rice below, but for $5 a piece, I'd suggest that you head over to the sushi bar.
Other than the scallop which we all liked and demolished in a few slurps, the rest was very unremarkable, unmemorable and pricey. I'd suggest going over to the Sushi bar for your (cheaper) aburi sushi fix, or to Ryoshi sushi or Itacho for sushi.

Kaiho Sushi
5 Koek Road
#03-01 Cuppage Plaza
Singapore 228796
Telephone 67381315
Closed Mondays

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Anonymous said...

yeah, my sister went back for 2nd round but she thought the standard had dropped too.