Monday, November 4, 2013

Sushi Mitsuya - Sushi Lunch Set

Decided to try Sushi Mitsuya after my first visit - wanted to try their sushi cos I read online that they specially age their sushi so the flavours have time to develop. The dinner menu runs to the $150-$200s so it's currently out of my budget, but the lunch sets are manageable - tried their entry level sushi lunch set ($70)

The last time I came I had the barachirashi ($60), which was good, but perhaps not as worth it as Aoki's Mazechirashi. 

I feel that the sushi set ($70) (for 2 appetizers, soup, 8 pieces of sushi and dessert) was totally worth the price. Every piece is prepared just before you eat. I'll be back for this. Definitely. 
 Appetizer of chopped ladys fingers and some other thing that I cannot remember.
Cabbage with stingray

 Sushi towel - for wiping hands (if you use your hands to eat sushi).

 Harada-san hard at work

Persimmon and red bean roll

Sushi Mitsuya
60 Tras Street
Tel 64382608
Opened Mondays to Saturdays
12-3pm, 6-11pm

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