Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Pardon for the lack of updates - the last 2 weeks were ________ .  Finally had the time for a breather today.

So we decided to do brunch on Saturday when everyone was free - a sure sign that age is catching up with you is when you can meet your friends at 10am on a Saturday morning, even when you're not working. When I was still studying, I used to not wake up before 1230 on a Saturday and will luxuriate in my bed the whole morning.
Anyway, this Symmetry is annoyingly hard to find. I trudged up and down two cemetries before I finally realized that Jalan Kubor was sliced into two by Victoria Street! And it's on the side which has more civillization... But it was a blessing in disguise as the carpark on that part was free;)

 Hot chocolate with roasted mini marshmellows
 Happy cookie is going to be eaten
 Prawn Popcorn ($14), which were like prawn balls (with the flour and seasonings), similar texture to chicken karaage. I was hoping that the prawn would be either whole or more chunky.
 The Big Breakfast ($24)
Chicken cheese sausage with a snappy casing, lots of mushrooms, maple glaze bacon, creamy scrambled eggs, roasted tomato and brioche. Comes with their special berry butter (on the top right hand corner). It's pretty filling, so I'd recommend sharing this if you want to try their desserts.
 Sausage Ragout ($23)
Ok I can't remember the name of this dish but after poking around google images, I think it's the sausage ragout. It's lots of chopped sausage with a tomato based sauce and 2 poached eggs on top.

 Brioche Pan Perdu ($15++)
Fancy french toast - the brioche was nice and butter, with generous lashings of maple syrup, topped with poached fruit. Of course, the ice cream topping it off can't hurt either.

We had the Yakult mixer - who doesn't enjoy Yakult? I really like the taste, and here, it's jazzed up with a bit of alcohol and lime shavings (not my fave but I just left them at the side) and as an apertif after a filling brunch. I suppose that you'll be ingesting some good bacteria while you're at it (not sure if the alcohol denatures the bacteria though).

Symmetry is immensely popular - lots of people participating in Singapore's un-official sport of queueing - what's more they had to stand outside in the heat :X

Foodwise - well, it's good, but maybe not good enough to drag myself out of bed at 9am again, or to pay the same amount of money for it. I think some other brunch places do a pretty reasonable breakfast for much less. Plus it isn't fantastically near my house, and I've been feeling lazy to travel to far off places these days.

Symmetry Cafe
9 Jalan Kubor
Tel 62919901

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