Friday, December 27, 2013

Belated Christmas Post

Merry belated Christmas everyone! Christmas is barely over and there's CNY goodies everywhere! I just had bak kwa after a slice of fruit cake. Must start saving calories cos CNY is round the corner and there'll be even more festive feasting.
The very festive Cold Storage turkey. Actually, I must say that this surpassed my (very low) expectations cos I was expecting some horrible dry bird that would be near inedible (and wondering where else I could get dinner from on a Christmas evening). It's probably one of the cheapest birds available in Singapore (the hotel ones go up to >$100) but you'll have to warm it up in the oven yourself. Comes with stuffing (we had the apple chestnut one I think? - didn't quite like it cos it was soggy) and gravy (not too bad when it's nice and warm). I think it tastes the closest to the Subway Turkey ham without gravy or cranberry sauce.
My Christmas Dinner, complete with festive disposable red cutlery, plastic champagne flutes and crackers (it's the first time I ever pulled a cracker). And roasted root vegetables including a very tough old parsnip (which is apparently, a quintessential ang-moh dish for Christmas). Btw did you know that Shepherd's pie wasn't a Christmassey dish? I didn't know till this year. Best call dinner of the year.
Awesomest log cake from Awfully Chocolate - it's even nicer than their normal chocolate cake cos there's more surface to volume ratio thus there's more chocolate fudge per slice. Who says log cakes are just glorified swiss rolls??/

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