Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sweet Potato Cupcake from Marmalade Pantry

 Did anyone manage to try the Sweet Potato Cupcake from Marmalade Pantry last month? It looked so nice in the picture I had to get it. I think it was a November special, so I'm not sure if they still have it. (And yes, that's a take away container cos I was too full after my dinner there, but couldn't resist trying it)
Well, if you didn't, you didn't miss much.
It looks much better than it tastes. I don't like marshmallows, and the whole top part was melted marshmallow. I dislike the foamy texture and the sweetness. I thought the cross section looked very pretty, especially the purple potato layer, but that layer tasted weirdly sour. The base was also too dry and crumbly.

I suppose they're never going to bring back their awesome pandan and coconut cupcake :'(
And they've raised their prices again! Sadness. The sticky date pudding still tastes as good. Super love it and the Kapiti ice cream it comes with.

Marmalade Pantry
#03-22 Ion Orchard

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