Monday, December 2, 2013

Sunny Choice

Bunny says hi!
 I've been living in my current house for nearly 15 years and I'm sad to say that I have never realized the existence of Sunny Choice until a few months ago, when my veggiephobic friend told me her mother wanted to drag her down to try the food. One day when I was free-er than usual, I decided to  go check it out.
Veggie Sushi Roll ($6)
It's a riceless sushi roll, stuffed with crunchy finely shredded beetroot, alfafa, radish, carrots and lettuce. There's a sweet, creamy dressing, which is free from dairy and eggs. It's a really refreshing and light starter, or if you order 2 portions of this, it's enough to make it a satisfying main course.
I don't even feel like I'm missing out on the rice when I eat this dish, and best thing is that there's no post-meal carb coma. However, this dish doesn't keep well cos the nori will get soggy. This comes with a wasabi-soy dip but I'm not a fan of wasabi so I just eat it plain.
The Abacus balls - a healthy rendition of the traditional Hakka dish. This one is purely vegetarian. Actually, I'm not even sure what the real thing tastes like (since I haven't eaten it for a long long time), but this one is packed with mushrooms, nuts, and grated vegetables. It isn't oily, and each of the abacus balls are smooth and soft, and it's not too oily either.
 Thunder Tea Rice (Lei Cha Fan) $7.50
I'm quite a big fan of Lei Cha Fan but then the outlets are all quite far from my place and inconveniently located. (Recently there's a store which opened at the Bukit Timah Market, but it costs $6.50 so I don't feel like eating it when I'm there).
Instead of ikan billis, it comes with this twig-look-alike fried bits, I suppose it's a kind of mushroom. It's slightly sweet very crispy, but I'm not a fan of ikan billis or this twig-like mushroom. I'll ask them to omit this the next time. The other veggies are really nice, crisp and fresh. I particularly liked the angled gourd (cos I don't get to eat it often).
Sunny Choice also sells quite a wide range of health foods and organic produce, at pretty reasonable prices. I managed to buy their home made banana bread which was really good - full of banana and not too sweet.
Like I mentioned in my post before, the pumpkin cassava chips are really good (though I don't think they're very healthy cos they're deep fried).

There's no service charge or GST, so prices are nett. I'll definitely be back for more sushi rolls and the pumpkin keropok.

Sunny Choice
Rail Mall
434 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singaproe 678060
Tel 6892 2383

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Gingybite said...

I like all the dishes you posted here too! You should try their fruit rojak, very refreshing!