Thursday, December 12, 2013


Pardon my super off coloured photos. It was so dark inside my camera couldn't take decent shots of the food. I read quite a few good reviews online so I went to try it. Plus it was a weekday night in the Maxwell area and I hadn't made any dinner reservations.

I'm not partial to Mexican food cos it's super heavy and oily (usually) and I feel like I'm clogging all my arteries after eating a meal. Sour cream, refried beans, pork belly, cheese etc etc. Same reason why I don't really eat Indian food except for the once in the long while chicken briyani (the real kind, not the fakey pseudo healthy kind) or butter chicken. Sad to say, I think the only other Mexican food I've tried (or can recall) is Taco Bell. Lol. Not a very good comparison.
The soft taco with pork carnita ($12), served with pickles and sour cream. Pork belly and beans. Super oily and fatty. There was a whole layer of oil at the bottom of the box. I think I'll stick with chicken the next time. Taste wise I really liked the slaw - well marinated, crunchy and helped to neutralize the heaviness from the pork.
Quesadillas with chicken tikka and cheese filling ($12)
It's not bad, tastes like a sandwich/pizza. added the guacamole for $2. The guacamole was really delicious, I can imagine dipping tortilla chips in it and finishing a whole bowl of this myself.

I think this place is more crowded during lunch time. Then again, there's Maxwell market just around the corner, where food's less than half the price. The meal was super heavy. Stayed in my stomach and made me feel full till about lunchtime the next day.
Their scaled down menu. I did my research before coming, and lots of people like the cup corn and asian slaw, and they used to have a fish option. I suppose it's a nice place to get something different, especially if you work around the area and you're looking for a quick lunch. It's mostly self service here, and there's minimal seating in this small cafe.

93 Club Street
Singapore 069461

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