Friday, December 6, 2013

Sumire Yakitori

I don't particularly like the Bugis area and other than for Ramen Champion, I have hardly ventured there. But I've just realized that there's plenty of food there, and they have pretty good stuff at very affordable prices. Just that I feel like 10 years older than most of the people there :X
healthy cabbage starter
Somehow I don't like the name Sumire - I attributed this to Haruki Murakami's Sputnick Sweetheart (one of my favourite authors but far from my my favourite book). Speaking of which, I haven't read a good book in ages - I feel that my grammar and writing skills regressing exponentially . 
Awesome cheese and mentaiko (cod roe, absolutely one of the best dishes ever) with tamago. It's like cholesterol embedded in more cholesterol. Totally worth it though.
The grilled avocado was satisfyingly smooth and creamy, and is something I could easily replicate at home. I'm a huge fan of avocados - makes everything taste delicious.
 A variety of chicken balls, of which the one in front was covered with cheesy goodness.
 This looks like a bowl with foam, but is actually udon with egg white. Not bad for a carb side dish (shared amongst 4 people).
 Lovely grilled eggplant with minced meat and minced spring onion.
 Potato croquette ball - deep fried goodness slathered with teriyaki sauce, mayo, and on a bed of obligatory vegetables. It's rather large and has a egg inside.
 Won't be ordering this again - it's some dried tofu skin (like tau kee) with bonito flakes, not very interesting and rather dry.
 Chicken karaage - not bad but not the best that I've eaten.
 Pseudo-healthy chicken breast, with unhealthy mentaiko sauce. Mentaiko sauce really makes everything taste good.
 One of the minced chicken rice bowls - with a nice glossy egg yolk.
These look really yucky but they're some smoked quails egg or something. I can't really remember what it tasted like so it can't be too bad (or good).

The restaurant uses ipad menus, which can be a bit icky cos there's thousands of other fingerprints and smudges over the screen. Not sure if anyone is as ocd as me but I think it's gross to run my fingers over the screen and touch something that so many other people have touched, then eat my food :(

Service is cheerful and pretty efficient, and most of the seating are in booths. The place was rather crowded when we were there, so be sure to make reservations. The bill for us came to about 35 per person - not exceptionally cheap, I still prefer Kazu to this place but it's a good alternative if you have a bigger group.

This good recommendation is from wanderingwontons - head over to check out her blog.

Sumire Yakitori
#01-88/89 Bugis Junction
80 Middle Road
Tel 63389963
(Located outside facing Bugis + / the previous Illuma)

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