Thursday, February 26, 2015


Comnam is the sister restaurant of Namnam. Namnam at Raffles City had a ridiculously long queue so we decided to give Comnam a try. Dishes are quite affordably priced and the mains were around $10. 
We got some starters to share - including a refreshing salad, grilled pork belly with corn (of which I liked the corn better) and some sticky rice based dish (bottom right) which I cannot remember what it is... not very memorable I think.
 The main dishes are rice based - the rice used here is broken rice, which supposedly absorbs up the gravy and sauces better than normal rice. I'm not a big fan of rice unless it's sushi rice, so I wasn't particularly impressed with my main of grilled pork with broken rice.
Generally, from the assortment of mains we ordered (4 different) we came to a conclusion that the fried ones tasted the best...  It reminds me a bit too much of cai fan so I'm not a fan, but I suppose that if you're looking for a not very crowded place to eat at, this should do the trick.

Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103

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