Tuesday, February 24, 2015


As much as I hate being unadventurous and boring, I do quite like Poulet for it's accessibility, affordability and acceptable food. 
 I really like their signature salad (about $10) which is very refreshing and lightly dressed, so much so that we had to order a second one to share cos it wasn't enough...
 The truffle mashed potatoes were awesome but then the consistency makes me really worried that there may be a 1:1 ratio of potatoes to butter.
 Since this was about 2 months ago too, it was Christmas and we decided to try their apple sauce chicken wings, which were quite unmemorable. I think there was some promo so we got it...
 And of course, their chicken, which was tender and nicely roasted. Hasn't disappointed me and I've tried it about 3-4x since they opened. Just too lazy to blog about it heh.
Poulet didn't have their awesome banana crumble that they used to have - so we adjourned to St Marcs cafe for some delicious parfaits - I wouldn't recommend the strawberry parfait cos it was way too sweet and only had frozen strawberries... but the Kyoto delight which I usually have (in the background) is really delicious especially with the Warabi mochi pieces that I really love and the roasted soybean flour. Mmmmm

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