Sunday, February 22, 2015

Immanuel French Kitchen and Two Wings

I'm a big fan of cheap and good food - especially if it's not in some far flung inaccessible place. Immanuel French Kitchen was on my food radar for the longest time, but then somehow I never went there. Till about 2 months ago (yes this is superbly outdated).
 The chicken liver pate with port wine ($7.90) was rich and creamy, and went fabulously with the warm crusty bread.

The pan fried foie gras ($16.50) may look a bit unusual, but it tastes great - prior to this I've never eaten foie gras in broth. Surprisingly it goes really well with the dash broth and daikon.
The escargots ($12.90) were also delicious - can't go wrong with ordering escargots in a French place right?
Fried frog legs with shallots and parsley ($12.60) - it was a bit disappointing for me cos I found the other starters better than the frog legs - perhaps it was also because we ordered chicken wings (see below) from another store so it was a bit of an overkill.
 The pork belly ($16.50) was a crowd pleaser - served with onset egg, duxelle mushrooms and potato foam. Melt in the mouth pork belly with creamy potato foam and delicious oozing onsen egg. Plus the crouton bits for the extra crunch. I think this would have cost me double the price from some fancy restaurant.
 Duck leg confit ($16.50) which was moist and tasty, but since duck confit isn't my fave dish - possibly biased cos I saw some cooking show and they cook it in pure duck fat >.< The mash potatoes were so awesome - I think we contemplated getting an extra mashed potato side but then we had too much food already...
 We also went to try the famous Two Wings, which supposedly has the best chicken wings in Singapore. I was waylaid by their awesome heaping cheese fries. But not a good idea to eat so much rich food in one seating... I will try to space it out the next time...
 The wings didn't disappoint- slightly larger than the scrawny ones that you get in most places... The skin was very crispy and evenly cooked. I'm not a big fan of chicken wings either so I didn't think it was spectacular, just that if you're in the area and love chicken wings, it would be a good place to go to.
Finished off the day with more good oils - and did a taste test of 2 of the more famous avocado milkshakes - I do think that the store beside Mr Avocado has the better milkshake (more creamy, less sweet) but then if there was a queue, I'll just go to whichever is shorter...

Immanuel French Kitchen and Two Wings can be found in a coffeeshop
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 151119
Just next to Alexandra Village Food Centre

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