Friday, February 20, 2015

Good Chance Eating House

Hello Everyone! Hope that you've had a great CNY feasting and vegetating around (two of the things that I'm superb at). 

I have been commandeered to update my dusty blog. I have been eating (lots) and TLC-ing myself even more. But as it is the new year, and since all these shops are closed (just like the apocalypse sigh) I haven't got anything better to do (besides study) so I shall update my blog. 

 We went to Good Chance Eating house (about 2+ months ago) to eat their popiah. It's super near my previous work place. The highlight of Good Chance eating house is their DIY popiah. Since Yilin says that it is very troublesome to make at home, we decided to pay quite a bit to have our own DIY popiah. I think 6 pieces of popiah skin and all the necessary ingredients cost about $14++ (if I'm not wrong). They do give lots of that turnip filling thing (very tasty, not like lousy Qi Ji's) but I found that there wasn't enough skins to wrap everything up.
Not my popiah
 Of course, wrapping does need some skill or not you'll end up with a squarish shape pillow like popiah that still is edible but just not very photogenic.
 One of their other signature dishes is the braised pork belly with yam, served with yellow colour mantous. Artery clogging to the max but this was super delicious - the yam is soft, crumbly and moist and infused with the black sauce and porky taste. Very nice and must try.
 We also tried their black hokkien mee which I wasn't a big fan of, just that I haven't eaten it before so I wanted to try.
 Their fried prawn rolls were not bad but nothing memorable compared to the popiah (which was fun to warp) and the braised pork belly.

Surprisingly the ohr nee here is really good! It's my favourite kind of ohr nee - not to thick or dry, very smooth, and topped with creamy coconut sauce and lots of tender gingko nuts. I don't like the dry kind with the colourless syrup sauce.

Good Chance Eating House
149 Silat Avenue Singapore 160149
Phone 62710698

Do make a reservation as the restaurant is quite small! Service is pretty good and even though they're quite crowded they are very friendly and not the food nazi kind...

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