Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gloria Jean's and Starbucks Green Tea Ice Blended

The Gloria Jean's branch right outside cine is selling their ice-blended drinks for a mere $3 nett from 12 noon to 12 midnight. I got the original chocolate ice blended. Super worth it since they usually sell it for $6 plus! But then again, it's so freaking hot so no one wants to brave the heat and sit outside. They should really aircondition their seating area...
Ever since Urban had their free Starbucks Green Tea Soy Latte page (I bought a copy of the straits times just for the free soy latte), I've been unhealthily addicted to their green tea soy latte ice blended, which costs a ghastly $6.50. Somehow,I've failed making it at home using Nutrisoy and my green tea powder. Anyway, today I forced myself away from the enticing green Starbucks sign at Paragon, and I was happily rewarded by an ice blended drink at 50% of the price at GJ.

The picture above is Starbucks clever marketing ploy to get more people to splurge on their drinks, cos they're so delicious. This is the green tea ice blended with Java chips. Very yummy lucky I was full from my reunion lunch so I wasn't tempted.

I'm such a sucker for green tea ice blended drinks :(

must. save. money.

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