Sunday, February 1, 2009


Lots of people have asked me what brand of ice cream I like and eat, and whenever I say Tillamook's Vanilla Bean, no one seems to have heard of it before. Anyway, it's been my favourite ice cream brand for Vanilla ice cream since it tastes great, and its relatively cheap and affordable.
My brother discovered the wonders of Tillamook Vanilla Bean from the Cold Storage at Guthrie house, and now the NTUC Fairprice Finest occasionally carries it. Tillamook's Vanilla Bean uses real vanilla beans, and not cheapo vanilla essence. However, unlike Haagan daz, it's extremely cheap considering that vanilla beans are very expensive. (Actually I don't know the exact price but it's much cheaper than those premium brand ice creams, and tastes as gd).
Here's a side view so you can spot the Tillamook Vanilla bean ice cream from the side of your supermarket freezer! Somehow, not many supermarkets carry it! I always have trouble finding it, especially since the Cold Storage at Guthrie house sometimes runs out of stock.

My other favourite supermarket ice cream brand is Dreyers - their Toasted Almond is fantastic, and I buy their vanilla as a substitue when Tillamook isn't available.


ice said...

I've seen Tillamok before at Cold Storages & Marketplace but never tried. Great! I love good vanilla bean ice creams!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh!! I LOVE vanilla bean ice cream... My heart soars everytime I see it. :) Nice..

Jake Ten Pas said...

We, too, love Tillamook Vanilla Bean ice cream. Obviously. What's more, we love that you not only described it beautifully, but showed it from every angle. It was like a mini-movie for our mouths. Instead of giving it a thumbs-up, we made it the Post of the Day at the Tillamook Fan Club site: And now, with thoughts of vanilla beans dancing through our heads, we're off to our local supermarket to replenish our stash.
Thanks for getting the word out,
Jake Ten Pas
Tillamook Fan Club