Friday, February 6, 2009

Menya Sinchuan Ramen

Menya Sinchuan Ramen is one of the many ramen stalls near the Mohammad Sultan/Liang Court area (I tend to think of the 2 areas as the same place, cos it's walkable), and it's opened by a Japanese Ramen Lover (I'm obviously quoting the poster). Their Sinjiro Ramen is only available on weekdays, and it's supposed to be very popular.

Menya Sinchuan Ramen's menu is pretty confusing. Not only do they have a mind boggling choice of ramen, they also have lots of different soups (shoyu, miso, pork bone etc etc) and different types of noodles.

Since their speciality is Sinjiro ramen, so thats what most of us got. I got the Madam Miso Sinjiro ($15++), which has less noodles than the normal Sinjiro. The Madame Sinjiro also comes with a drink (green tea, soft drinks) or dessert (green tea ice cream). If you're a guy they will not allowed to order the Madame Sinjiro. The Miso Sinjiro comes with sweet corn, and the soups saltier and oilier than the shoyu version.There's really alot of veggies inside, I had to munch my way through heaps of cabbage and beansprouts before I could get to my noodles.
The normal Sinjiro Ramen ($13, no drink), which has a normal portion of noodles. Look at the heap of cabbage. The Madame Sinjiro Ramen is the same price, but comes with a drink/dessert.
Fatty Char siew, which was not bad, just that I don't appreciatte fatty cuts of meat. It's very soft. Anyway, in this picture, you can also see hte oil globules floating beside the fatty pork. I hope all the hard work of munching through the cabbage and bean sprouts negates some calories.
They even give a small metal ladle to scoop up the sweet corn.

Thick noodles. I didnt like my miso broth cos even though it was really tasty, it was way too salty and oily. Usually, I'll finish all my soup but this one was really too salty - I had to leave 3/4ths of it :(
I think this was the burnt garlic or black garlic ramen, which wasn't as salty as mine. The noodles which came with this was much thinner, and I thought that this was not bad. Much more palatable than my over salted one.
Gyoza ($5 for 5 pieces) which was not too bad, just that we were all so full from the veggies. There's also chilli oil and white vinegar to go with it. Gyoza is one of my must eats when I go to ramen restaurants. I still think Noodle House Ken does a better gyoza.
Actually, this is just something that doesn't agree with my personal taste - I suppose that it's because the ramen here is targetted to the Japanese crowd, that's why the soup is much oilier and saltier (really very salty!). But if you like your food salty, oily and robust ramen broth, this place is definitely for you.

Menya Shinchan Japanese Noodle Restaurant
30 Robertson Quay
#01-05 Riverside View
Tel: 6732 0114
Btw it's at some ulu corner which is easily missed.


ratatouille said...

try Yu Sai Shoku at Liang Court basement. their black pork is good.

m said...

hello Ratatouille! I've been there before - just no time to go back for more! I'm still wanting to try the new Tampopo restaurant. And somehow I'll keep trying new places (so i can blog) instead of returning to e good old ones.